Whatcha wanna know?

Hey… My name is Necole.  I’m 38 pushing 39 (yikes).  So what! Honestly age is a number because I feel 25 (some days 28). For the most part, I have had a great life. Here recently, I found myself battling with depression and anxiety.


I haven’t gotten a thing figured out and I have no magic solutions; BUT I do have my story, my experience, and my honesty.  I hope you can find some humility and some commonality in what I share.  I hope you find my experience and journey through depression, loss, heart-ache, marriage struggles, frustration and utter loneliness to be somewhat like yours so that you know – YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!


PS..  You might hear me mention a few people Sergio and Giovanni (Gio).  Sergio is my ever so handsome, loving, affectionate, very talented, patient, somewhat funny but will drive you batshit crazy husband.  We will be married 7 years this October 29, 2017. Giovanni is my 3-year-old amazing, loving, funny, goofy, smelly, stubborn, chubby cheeked little man. He is my world, my stars, and my moon.  He is my sunshine on a cloudy day, got mommy wrapped around his finger to cute to handle baby boy.  These two men are my EVERTHING and I am the most ferocious mama bear you will EVER meet! Grrrrrrrrrrr……..